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  • The BLACKROLL® TRAINER'S BAG is perfect for the transport of BLACKROLL® products.
  • Can be used as a backpack or a shoulder bag
  • The practical size offers space for ten BLACKROLL® foam rollers of standard length


The BLACKROLL® TRAINER'S BAG is perfect for transporting up to ten BLACKROLL® STANDARD / MED / PRO / GROOVE / GROOVE PRO or FLOW foam rollers in the 30 cm length. The bag is therefore ideal for visits to the studio, transporting course materials, or for outdoor activities. The BLACKROLL® logo on the side of the TRAINER'S BAG also sets a stylish highlight during sports or everyday activities.


The length of the carry strap was designed to allow the bag to be either worn comfortably on the back as a backpack or carried as a shoulder bag. The TRAINER'S BAG is perfect for physical therapists, trainers, and any athlete.


SKU: 019
    • 100% polyester 
    • 75cm x 31cm x 31cm
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