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  • How do I buy for a team/club?
    We will be delighted to consult with you on the best choices and options for your group/team/club. Please contact Paul at +353 86 8595155 or
  • Why are BLACKROLL products more expensive that alternatives?
    In fact whilst BLACKROLL® products may be slightly more expensive that alternatives we offer far better overall value for money. With over 10 years R&D and improvements as a result of customer feedback BLACKROLL® products are now the leading choice of not only key teams and coaches in the world of performance but also in the world of therapy, medical and health. We pride ourselves on the design and durability of our prodcut which we know will deliver long-lasting results for you. Alternative products are, in the main, not really fit for purpose and so provide a false-economy. On the other hand some of of closest competitors actually charge a higher price-point.
  • How can I get the most from my BLACKROLL® product?
    Quite easy really! BLACKROLL has a substantial presence including may tuition videos on the International BLACKROLL® YouTube site - watch out soon for the BLACKROLL® Ireland YT site! You can also avail of the vast directory of exercises and routines in the BLACKROLL® App for iOS and Android. We also offer BLACKROLL® education workshops which are tailored specifically to the needs/level of the group we are working Paul for more details on our workshops. Of course you can also email Paul and he can send some graphics on suggested exercises!
  • How long will it take to receive my product after I place an order?
    We strive to deliver your order in 3-5 working days.
  • I may have a sponsorship opportunity for BLACKROLL® - what should I do?
    Great! We are open to listening to every opportunity and evaluating them based on key brand drivers & requisities consistent with the BLACKROLL® Global marketing program. Please email details outlining the scope of your propostion to Paul at
  • Which Roller is most suitable?
    BLACKROLL® MED = suitable for beginners, pain sensitive persons, and highly tensed body parts (Please note the product information for this roll!) BLACKROLL® STANDARD = suitable for beginners to advanced users with an average pain sensitivity BLACKROLL® PRO = suitable for advanced users or professional athletes, very strong massage effect Is there any difference between the BLACKROLL® STANDARD in black and the BLACKROLL® STANDARD in other color combinations? No, there is no difference in terms of size or density. Only the colors are different. When should I use the BLACKROLL® BALL and when the BLACKROLL® DUOBALL? BALLS (8 cm, 12 cm): for a punctual and intense massage of the neck, arms, chest and feet. DUOBALL 8 cm: targeted and intense massage of the neck and upper back along the spine, also effective on the arms, chest and Achilles tendon. DUOBALL 12 cm: Basically, it can be used in manner that is similar to a normal roll. However, the focus is on a targeted massage of the neck and the entire back along the spine and of the calves.
  • When should BLACKROLL® products not be used?
    IN PRINCIPLE THERE ARE THREE CLEAR CONTRAINDICATIONS WHICH RULE OUT THE USE OF BLACKROLL®: - Redness - Swelling - Acute pain These contraindications are applicable to nearly all acute traumas, respectively diseases (e.g. fractures, thromboses, acute lumbago, etc). In case of 'soft' or weaker contraindications it needs to be decided individually whether the use of BLACKROLL®® can (or should be allowed to) take place. Soft contraindications are applied to (for example): Osteoporosis Spinal injuries / spinal disk degeneration Intake of anticoagulant ("blood thinning") medicine Fibromyalgia Rheumatic diseases Joint replacements Tumour diseases Pregnancy In addition to these contraindications the following contraindications should be considered for using Resistance Bands and Multi-Bands: Rotary vertigo, positional vertigo, motion kinetosis Thrombosis Listhesis Acute migraine Gallstones, kidney stones Cardiovascular disorders Arthrosis Epilepsy Coil If one or more of these contraindications apply to your situation, please first consult with your doctor or therapist. In general we ask you to bear in mind that all BLACKROLL® products are used at one's own risk. We recommend you to consult your physiotherapist, manual therapist, massage therapist or medical specialist, when in doubt/or when you experience strong pain - after the self massage - or in case of recurring injuries.
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