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BLACKROLL At Home Day 5 - Loosen your neck muscles

With everyone deep in #workfromhome it's worth investing time in your body health. Just stop for a second and check out your posture when looking at this screen. Neck straining, shoulders rolled forward?? More than likely that's the case. Not a big deal for a few minutes but hours and days on end in these positions leads to neck pain & stiffness, shoulder tightness and, in some cases, tension headaches stemming from strained neck muscles. Today's tip is a simple 2-minute routine to avoid this. Try this twice a day and tell me it doesn't feel better, relax those neck muscles......and give you a few minutes away from your screen! #mobility #thoracic #neck #neckpain #headache #tension #flexibility #massage

BLACKROLL DuoBall 08 is best for this massage!

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